Help support Epic Love Story's global mission

Financial gifts can be sent to:

KBN66 Productions

Kellie Aaron
c/o KBN66 Productions
6719 Castleton Dr.
Clemmons, NC 27012

Make checks payable to KNB66 Productions


All donations are being considered as gifts to a start up business and therefore not tax-deductible.

How Supporting Our Global Mission Has Huge Impact


Your support impacts us on the Epic Love Story team directly by allowing us to pursue our mission. This means we can afford to pay for things like this website and can develop the Epic Love Story app that contains the verses set to music and their corresponding devotionals! 


We can continue to reach those in need. Many people are struggling with their faith or looking for healing and unity. Supporting us means we can bring hope and light into the lives of others. 


We can support musicians from all over the world and give them a platform to showcase their incredible talents! Epic Love Story allows us to bring attention to smaller musicians from other countries by featuring their music in our product.