Song Submission

Submit your songs using this form after carefully reviewing all instructions and terms. Deadlines will be listed below.


  1. Remember the goals are to compose Scripture songs that are memorable, culturally relevant, and as faithful to Biblical Scripture as possible.
  2. Each song should be approximately 2 to 4 minutes long, covering the entire passage from the Biblical Texts section. Repeat phrases if needed but avoid changing or adding words. Use one translation if multiple are provided.
  3. Include chord accompaniment with at least one instrument (e.g., piano, guitar). Vocal-only submissions are not accepted.
  4. Ensure the timing and meter (e.g., 4/4, 3/4) are clear using a click track, simple drumbeat, or consistent rhythm.
  5. Recordings don’t need to be professional, but the melody and words must be clear.
  6. Keep melodies within a two-octave range.
  7. Upload the written lyrics used in your composition.
  8. Include the scripture reference in your song title. Example: “Song Title (Genesis 1:1-5)”
  9. Music producers may submit recordings of their composition for ELS use. If selected, we’ll contact you about a master lease agreement, which allows for recording modifications if necessary.
  10. If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected].

Biblical Texts

We will post new texts here to be produced. Check back often. Submission deadline for current texts is June 15th, 2024.



We anticipate getting an array of compositions for each of the Biblical texts. If your composition is selected, ELS will send a proposed license which shall license your composition to ELS including the use of the printed lyrics, the right to create both audio-only and audiovisual (video) recordings, and to stream such content, on a gratis (free) basis.  You must provide copyright and publishing rights information regarding your composition in that license.  You will retain the right to receive performance rights royalties, and streaming royalties. We will also require your permission to edit or adapt your work should the need arise during the recording process, which will be stated in the license.

In the event your composition is not published by you or a third-party music publisher, ELS may offer to serve as the music publisher of your composition. In that event, ELS will propose a publishing agreement (often called a “single song agreement”) with terms typical of such agreements in the music industry and allowing ELS to utilize/license your compositions as described herein.

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