What is Epic Love Story?

How it began and where it’s headed


Epic Love Story is setting the Bible to song, utilizing contributors worldwide, to bring hope and healing to the nations.


We envision a world in which all the people are transformed by the power of Scripture.

Musical Goals

  • Create memorable compositions to anchor the Scriptures firmly in the listener’s memory.
  • Craft culturally relevant music that attracts the listener, akin to the enticing aroma of good food.
  • Deliver top-tier recordings, ensuring audience attention is captivated.
  • Present our music in an easily accessible format for passive enjoyment and focused immersion.
  • Cultivate active participation from both local and global contributors who resonate with the mission and values of ELS, promoting a diverse and inclusive community

Why put the bible to music?

  • To enhance Biblical literacy and memorization.
  • To meet society where they consume content.
  • To engage seekers through captivating music, akin to the aroma of good food enticing the hungry.
  • To foster a deeper spiritual connection through the emotive power of music.
  • To create a culturally relevant way to share the epic love story of God toward humanity.
  • To provide an accessible entry point for individuals unfamiliar with traditional religious texts.
  • To amplify the transformative impact of scripture by combining it with the universal language of music.


2011 – It’s been said that when you see a problem in the world, it’s possible that you are supposed to be part of the solution. Beverly wondered why no one ever made a “Music Bible.” As she pondered this question before the Lord, she heard that still small voice whisper to her heart, “You do it.” Beverly faithfully committed this project to the Lord, praying for the right people to join her in achieving this significant and ambitious goal.

FALL 2018 – Epic Love Story title was birthed

2021 – Epic Love Story partnered with non-profit, Artists in Christian Testimony, Intl, and began filling each team role.

2023 – First two songs were released, Sovereign Lord (Habakkuk 3:17-19) and Priests (Exodus 19:4-6)

2024 – Epic Love Story partners with Arthur Alley to help drive fundraising efforts

2011 – Beverly Moser was confronted by God to set the Bible to music. A few weeks later she met a guest worship leader at church, Kurt Coble, and shared her idea.  Kurt loved the idea but had to put the project on hold until he finished a few things.

2018 – Kurt contacted Beverly to revisit the idea of Epic Love Story.  They each had their prayer partners pray over the project, and both unanimously agreed to pursue this dream together- putting the Bible to music.

FALL 2018 – Epic Love Story title was birthed

2021 – Epic Love Story partnered with non-profit, Artists in Christian Testimony, Intl. to

2023 – First song released-Sovereign Lord (Habakkuk 3:17-19)

2024 – Epic Love Story partners with Arthur Alley to help drive fundraising efforts


  • To create music that answers questions humans all over the globe are asking, such as “Why am I here?” “Am I loved?” “What is my purpose?” “ Who am I?” “Where do I belong?” “Do I even belong?” etc.
  • To deliver the epic love story of redemption and transformation as presented in the Bible through music
  • To create written materials that accompany the music to help people dig deeper – looking beyond the lyrics
  • To increase Biblical literacy.
  • To provide a product that can be accessible where the written Bible is not
  • To meet the needs of Christians who need a non traditional, accessible Bible study
  • To see the word of God continue to spread and flourish
  • To partner with other organizations who are also committed to getting the Bible to every people group on the planet
  • To fulfill our calling
  • To create a collaboration of songwriters, musicians, and singers from around the world
  • To enroll 66 authors from various people groups from around the world to write about the 66 texts chosen for Epic Love Story and speak about the redemptive epic love story of God from their cultural perspective


We have several stages that break this huge goal into manageable ones.

We are  accomplishing  this by building an expansive extraordinary team, who are accomplished in their areas of expertise.

Some Scriptures that are already  set to music are to be used through licensing agreements.

How You Can Be a Part of the Story


In 2011 Beverly was leaning against her kitchen counter — arms crossed — disappointed about her inability to memorize Bible verses, or recall what she had memorized in the past. “God,” she bemoaned, “why has no one set the whole Bible to music? It is so much easier to memorize with music.” Almost instantly, like one would hear in a conversation, she “heard” a voice over her right shoulder say, “You do it.”

A few weeks later, she was at a church with a guest worship leader from Nashville, TN, Kurt Coble. As she listened, she felt something different about the quality of the worship. She sat down, after the introductory corporate worship, satisfied and wanting more. That night Kurt did a concert, and Beverly chose to go.

After the concert, Beverly shared with Kurt her desire to have the whole Bible set to music. Kurt echoed that he did too, and they exchanged phone numbers and began to communicate about pursuing this dream.

After a short time, the communication waned, and nothing came of their hopes, but the dream and desire of this project remained in each of their hearts.

In May 2018, Beverly got an email from Kurt. He communicated that he was about to finish up a project and had been praying about what to do next, while walking around a lake. During that walk, he was “prompted” to call Beverly, so he dug up her email and contacted her, wanting to know if she was still interested in the project of setting the entire Bible to music.

Beverly recalls they were in such agreement about so many of the ideas. Often when Kurt spoke about ideas or the purpose for this project or the way to fulfill on it, not knowing what Beverly thought, his words reflected what she thought and believed and wanted to do.
They agreed to individually ask their prayer partners to pray for 10 days about whether to continue working on the project. They did, and unanimously both had a go-ahead to pursue their dream of setting the entire Bible to music.

On many occasions Beverly heard Kurt speak about Nikhil Paul George, a Music Producer from Bollywood, with whom he was working on the Love N America project. Kurt wanted Nikhil to join forces with Beverly and himself, but he was hesitant to mention it to Nikhil due to the magnitude of the project. Eventually, they talked and in early January 2019, Nikhil Paul George,  became one of the three founders.

In the Fall of 2018, the title of the project, Epic Love Story, was birthed, because we believe the Bible is an epic love story of God for all people that needs to be told. That winter, the name KBN66 Productions was chosen for the business entity that would manage the project (K for Kurt, B for Beverly, and N for Nikhil followed by 66 for the 66 books in the Bible). Soon after, KBN66 Productions was created as an LLC out of Nashville, TN.

In late 2021, another entity was formed – Epic Love Story, a department with the non-profit, Artists in Christian Testimony, Intl. And in late 2022, Beverly left the LLC to give her attention solely to the non-profit, Epic Love Story, while Kurt and Nikhil continued to focus on the LLC.  Both entities have the same heart to have the entire Bible  set to music, but the non-profit will be working on developing the music and 66  devotionals, while the LLC  develops products that work better in a for-profit business model.

Questions We’re Often Asked


I’m interested in the idea of a non traditional Bible study, but I’m not sure what that means or where I can find it. Why is this a “non traditional” Bible study? 

Epic Love Story is unique because no one has ever set the Bible to music before, let alone music from Christians all over the world. It’s “non traditional” in that sense. Most devotionals are written or spoken word. And while we absolutely do need written devotionals, many Christians have a similar story to Beverly – they really struggle to learn the Bible through straight memorization. We started Epic Love Story to address that need.

As far as where to find our Bible study, we’re working on putting it together! Right now we’re in the beginning stages of gathering music and compiling everything.

How You Can Help


I’ve had bad experiences with the church before and I’ve been struggling with my faith and reading the Bible ever since. Do your devotionals  take stances on theological teachings and politics?

We understand that many Christians have been hurt by their experiences with different churches.

Epic Love Story is  for the spiritually hungry and the hurting. Our focus is on highlighting the epic  redemptive  love story  of God to humanity that is portrayed  from   the beginning of Genesis to  the end of  Revelation. Through Epic Love Story, we  bring a message of love, healing and purpose.   We believe in the healing power of Christ’s love and sacrifice, and we want to share that amazing story with others.