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Open invite 
Do you love writing or listening to  music? Would you like to write  almost verbatim  Scripture songs? Do you already have Scripture songs composed and/or produced? Well, read on!

About Us

Epic Love Story is a department with Artists in Christian Testimony, Intl, a non-profit out of Brentwood, TN.  Our mission  is   orchestrating  the entire  Bible to music using the  talent of people   from  diverse  global  cultures to  ignite worship in every human heart. 

We intend to offer the world  an experience of the Bible  that touches people’s hearts through music. This experience will be an alternate format in which the Bible is consumed, one that changes the way people experience the Bible. This project is to modern global citizens what the  invention of the Gutenberg Printing Press was to its citizens…. making the Bible more accessible and more easily “consumed”!!

We are   seeking Scripture songs  that are  practically verbatim  and  seeking songwriters to write songs, almost verbatim,  to Scripture that has yet been set to music.   

We are looking for talent from around the world.

If you are intrigued about this project and are a songwriter, producer, recording artist, or donor-supporter, we want  to hear from you.  Please leave your details with us so we can be in touch with you.

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We have a unique way of creating revenue for music master owners who put their master sound recordings on our APP. We would love to review your music. Please post public links to your work in the field below. If your work is not public, please complete the form and we will get back to you with next steps.

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