Open invite to composers, producers,
recording artists, Donors, & Supporters

Open invite 
Do you love the Bible? And music? Would you like to write scripture songs? Do you already have scripture songs composed and/or produced? Would you like to earn from your talent, or donate your skills and resources towards such a project? Well, read on!

About Us

KBN66 Productions, LLC is a newly formed media and tech company operating from Nashville, Tennessee. Our mission is to offer the world a new experience of the Bible, an experience that touches people’s hearts through music. This experience will be an alternate format in which the Bible is consumed, one that changes the way people experience the Bible.

Our chief mission is to facilitate setting the entire Bible to music – verbatim. We are achieving this by hosting existing and new scripture music on our platform. The platform is the home for our community of music creators and a destination for those seeking to learn more about the Bible. It is a space where listeners, composers, songwriters, and performers from around the world come together to be transformed by this new music Bible. There, they will be able to be creative, to contribute their songs, collaborate with others, be a part of the creative process, and share the beautiful fruits of the collaborations with everyone else on the platform.

We are looking for talent from around the world

If you are intrigued about this project and are a songwriter, producer, recording artist, or donor-supporter, we want you to be one of our early adopters and supporters. Please leave your details with us so we can be in touch with you.